Owner | Consultant

Julie is a passionate, versatile entrepreneur dedicated to helping business owners make sure their business is running at optimum efficiency, and they are uniquely positioned to achieve world domination.  Or at least what they set out to accomplish.

She is oddly interested in (and skilled at) all the things that most people hate about running a business.  From photographers and financial advisors to painters and graphic designers, Julie helps business owners get organized, and take their business to the next level.  With stellar vision, Julie is able to see what could be and what it would take to get there.

Julie believes the back office of a business is essential to success and while most people dread the accounting, planning and strategizing that is a necessary evil, Julie puts her OCD to good use, making sure everything is reconciled and color-coded so owners can focus on the parts they love; the reason they got into business to begin with.  She specializes in mastering the parts people enjoy the least, leaving them free to focus on their dream.  

Julie thrives on the energy of a startup and after launching 3 successful businesses of her own, she decided she much prefers supporting others as they set out to make their passion a career.  Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Julie loves research, reconciliation and building relationships.

When she’s not reconciling accounts or analyzing business plans, she enjoys hiking adventures with her family, traveling, food (both preparing and eating), Friday movie nights and trying to figure out how to do the millions of things on her bucket list before she’s too old to enjoy them or remember what they are!

Julie dreams of a world where “the little guy” succeeds, houses stay clean and calories don’t count.

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