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Julie and Genesis Consulting have been integral to a turn around in our financial data management. We had no idea how poorly managed things were before Julie took the wheel and righted the ship. She is passionate, responsive, knowledgeable, and driven to help us to not just keep our data organized, but also to leverage the information in the data as part of our ongoing business planning efforts. She has become a critical part of our team and we're so very grateful to have her!

Brendan W.

Julie is amazing to work with. As a fairly new client, (3 months) I'm already seeing how much she is improving many of the systems and procedures my business uses. Julie is a great problem-solver. She is very capable, a clear communicator, a complete professional. I highly recommend her! She has organized things in such a way that I can make more informed business decisions and sleep better at night.

Teresa D.

Julie has been great to work with. I have learned more in 1 month than I have in 20 years.  Thank you!

Barbara W.

Julie is an amazing and knowledgeable person to work with. She will certainly show you how to maximize your money's potential. Just talk to her and you'll see.

John T.

Right from the start, Julie took the time to not only guide me through the complex financial situation I was in, but took the time to get to know more about me as a client and a person. Personable, professional, inquisitive, kind... these are just a few of many words that summarize her skills and personality. After just one meeting, a handful of e-mails, I went from being dramatically negative in financial standing to having money left over at the end of each month! Anyone who chooses to work with Julie will have nothing short of a great experience. Recommend with high regard!

Justin W.

Working with Julie at Genesis Consulting has brought financial clarity to my business. She quickly got a handle on my business and implemented the tools and systems I needed to track profit and loss, payroll, and projections. Today my bookkeeping is accurate, and my business is more financially viable as a result. Thanks to Julie!

Travis B.

Julie is amazingly dynamic in her approach to sharing her expertise, both one-on-one, and when speaking to groups. Our group was thrilled to hear her extremely innovative ideas.  Julie is professional, exciting, kind and extremely knowledgeable!

Karen B.

As the owner of a fast growing business, I was in desperate need of help with detailed information of my CASH FLOW. There are many components that make up a business. I know exactly what it takes to make my business successful, but there are only so many hours in a day. My book work was becoming a huge CHORE! Three years ago I was introduced to Julie. Founder of Genesis Consulting. Prayers answered!!!!! She devised a plan for my specific needs, we have a check in schedule, and I have answers at my fingertips at all times. She is absolutely a pleasure to work with and quite brilliant. Thank you Genesis Consulting!

Lynn W.

Julie was so incredibly resourceful when came time for me to register my business. She did all the heavy lifting, everything spelled out clearly, it couldn't have been any easier. Then she set me up with Quickbooks so that I can now focus on my clients instead of the back of the house. Julie makes herself very available for questions too. Great to have her in my corner. I strongly recommend her services.

Caroline M.

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