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Master Your Money

Are you tired of spending hours on your bookkeeping every month?  Learn how to manage your money in one hour a month with this self-paced eCourse.


With this training you'll learn how to properly set up your QuickBooks Online account, link your bank and credit card accounts, invoice customers, pay vendors, reconcile accounts and read AND understand your financial reports!  If you've been using QuickBooks Online but aren't sure you're as efficient as you could be, this series is for you.  Bite size modules will help you get comfortable with one area at a time and see how it all fits together. 


Stop dreading your bookkeeping and get ready to feel empowered!


Save time AND your sanity.

10 Modules.  Ready when you are.



Cost: $299

QuickBooks Online: Level 1

The Level 1 training series is designed for the business owner who understands the value of business finances but really isn't sure where to start.  They “should” on themselves, thinking, I should understand this.  I should know where my money is going.  I should understand if my business is profitable.  They close it out and decide to ignore it for another couple of months.  Maybe it’ll make sense then.

During our 4 1-hour sessions taught live via Zoom, this person will gain knowledge and confidence and enjoy the camaraderie and commiseration of fellow business owners in the same exact situation.

New classes start every week so if this sounds like you, look no further, help has arrived!  What's covered? Here are the highlights:


Tools and Navigation

Connecting your Accounts

Categorizing Transactions

Accounts Payable

Bank and credit card reconciliation

Basic Reporting

Understanding your Financial Reports

Cost: $249

QuickBooks Online: Level 2

The Level 2 training series is designed for the business owner who is comfortable with the basics of QuickBooks Online.  They categorize transactions, reconcile accounts and review their Profit and Loss with minimal discomfort.  Now they’re interested in seeing what else this system can do.  They’d like to start invoicing out of it and maybe even receive payments online so they don’t have to deposit checks anymore.  They want to keep track of who owes them money and have a professional way to follow up when someone is late on payment.  They’d love to find ways to be more efficient and reduce the amount of time they spend on their bookkeeping each month. They are most interested in learning how to budget and how to use the information to take their business to the next level.

Join fellow business owners live via Zoom and get your most pressing questions answered.  What's covered? Here are the highlights:

Timesheets and Billable Charges

Accounts Receivable

Improving Efficiency in QuickBooks

How to use Classes and Locations

Budgeting and Forecasting

Advanced Reporting

Cost: $249

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